Why Greenspirit Paper Straws Are Best In Class

Why Greenspirit Paper Straws Are Best In Class

Greenspirit sustainable packaging, helping our environment one straw at a time. So why are we seeing paper straws everywhere now?

Before we take a look into the types of options we have here, lets take a look at why we are seeing a significant rise in the use of paper straws and associated take away packaging. In Ireland in July 2020, new legislation was introduced that banned single use plastics including straws, knives, forks, clam shell takeaway packaging. Since then we have seen a scramble for quality but that as with all things environmentally sound comes at a higher cost. Since then we have also seen costs and supply issues with the onset of Covid-19 and then in 2022 the war in Ukraine. Traditional importers have increased costings almost every month with a more recent announcement of a 40% increase in paper supplies across the board.

So what makes a good quality of straw and what are the differences between the types of paper etc.. A question we hear when discussing our product offering is, will these straws collapse after a couple of minutes use when exposed to liquid,? We understand the question and to why it is asked. Quite often when suppliers are selling different ranges of products they will offer a cheaper alternative to win the business, and when it comes to paper consumables and disposables, cheaper isn’t always best. The thicker the straw in essence the less likely it is to collapse and become soggy.

What is my best option for quality and price when it comes to finding a paper straw supplier?

Greenspirit sustainable packaging offer a wide range of compostable and sustainable products. The straw range you will see below is of the highest quality and affordability. One that you can be proud of to use in your bar or restaurant. The range comes in a selection of sizes and ply or thickness of the paper material. We have, wrapped red and white 3ply, Bamboo in 4ply, Kraft bamboo wrapped in 4ply and wrapped red and white in 3ply. The 3ply is a better value option, but will still hold its shape and form.

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