Sanidose Free Standing Hand Dispenser Systems

Sanidose Free Standing Hand Dispenser Systems

Brightwell Sanidose hand sanitizing station, the perfect solution for high traffic areas.

At we have a unique, sleek, professional, and state-of-the-art freestanding automatic hand dispensing solutions to suit any level of traffic or business setting. Designed by Brightwell Dispensers U.K they are built to last with state-of-the-art materials and technology. Here is a sneak peek as to why you may need to consider all the options before making a purchase that will, in turn, affect your business and hopefully in turn give your customers an experience and product they will want to use.  Our Sanidose systems will deliver on the key features and economics that we know needs to make sense to our clients.

When choosing a free-standing system like Sanidose, it is important to understand the environment from which the system is working. Before March 2020 in Ireland our choices to use a hand sanitizer dispenser normally only happened within a medical setting, a hospital, a nursing home, or a dentist’s practice. Since then with the spread of this deadly pandemic, we have seen several hundred different types of makeshift dispensers mounted on within everything from cardboard units that fall over to 5ooml hand sanitizer bottles mounted on a stand and secured with cable ties.

Let’s be honest, it’s about hygiene, right? Well to some in business and commercially it is about looking at a set of guidelines handed down by the government and just doing enough to get open again. At Ward hygiene we have monitored retail and commercial settings right from the start. We have noticed a severe lack of consistency in the offering of hand sanitizer dispensing systems. The old adage of there has to be a better way comes to mind. Currently, if you look closely at the offering it is quite frankly of a mess out there, dispensers clogged up with bad quality sanitizer, dispenser stands falling over, sanitizing units dripping onto floors, and damaging flooring. Worse still the automatic dispensers that are predominately made in China, do not work as they are not designed to last.

Looking at the situation from the store owner or public setting owner’s standpoint, they reach out to a company, maybe a printing company who are now in the hand sanitizer business and have almost no experience with the regulations and standards that are required. An accident we believe waiting to happen. We wouldn’t pretend to know how to offer a level of service to our customers if they asked us to supply their printing needs.

We believe if you’re doing the job do it right, ?? Source quality product from a reputable supplier, check and ensure the paperwork is current and registered with the biocidal regulator, check to see the warranty and dispenser you choose is fit for your purpose, preferably an EU made product where you would expect to have consistency within the mechanism that is designed to accurately dose your chemical.

The future of hand hygiene on the go

Looking into the future we believe that Sanidose and its wide array of delivery options is the future of hand hygiene on the move. Designed for high-traffic areas with state-of-the-art engineering that you can depend on. The units are designed to carry volumes from 3ltr to 25ltr and also have key features like extended warranty as standard, wireless volume monitoring for ease of service by your own engineer.

All our models are designed to be either interactive with a media screen or come without if your company or venue is on a tighter budget.

Looking at costings, the old adage you pay cheap you pay twice comes to mind. However, when looking into the figures of Sanidose systems it’s clear to see how it stands above the competition. We offer an alcohol gel system or a foaming non-alcohol product Xtra Protect. Xtra protect is a game-changer in terms of end-use cost. We carried out testing and found that a foam when dispensed in comparison to alcohol showed a 50% saving over a four-week period. The added benefits of using an alcohol-free system is safety. Doesn’t it give real peace of mind to know that children can use it safely, unlike alcohol gel which not only is an irritant is corrosive, and flammable, Xtra Protect is free from these harsh and dangerous ingredients? It is fully biodegradable and kinder to the skin as it will not strip the natural oils from the hand.

Some of the other key features to consider when purchasing a Sanidose system is traffic and usage. It is key to determine what volume of clients you will have and work backwards from there. Do you also wish to add your media messaging on the unit or use the media console to bring in additional revenue from advertising? A way indeed some of our clients have used to recuperate the cap-ex costs in relation to set up.

Looking for branding for your office, transport company, or sports venue, we have you covered, let our team consult and deliver in a timely fashion for you. We can have any company logo or artwork applied and will be happy to co-design to take the hassle from you.

The future of hand hygiene on the go is in good shape with us!