Why A Hygiene Audit Can Be Helpful For Your Business

Why A Hygiene Audit Can Be Helpful For Your Business

Hygiene audits, What are they and are they worth my time?

Running a business in these challenging times isn’t easy.  Afterall there is so much to do, from finding new staff, training them on how we operate, ordering, invoicing, and the general doing of all things on a daily basis. So why would I engage with a hygiene audit when I have so many balls in the air,? And what even is a hygiene audit, will it show potential pitfalls in my business?

At Ward Hygiene, we provide a free hygiene audit with no obligation to order from us. This sounds almost too goo to be through right? Well let me explain why we do this and how it adds value to our clients. Our role as a hygiene solutions partner is to add value, to deliver products and support our partners with accurate and consistent training. So often we see business owners, and managers snowed under in the daily doing of things, and that is where we see a huge crack in the hygiene services industry. A crack that we intent to fill with good sound old fashioned no nonsense quality customer service.

How a hygiene audit works and what are its benefits

Quite often when we arrive on site we find the following, equipment broken, no bottles labelled, inconsistent safety wall charts, no training for staff, a general lack of care to the most important area of our business, hygiene. We have to be honest here, there are many reasons for this, sometimes existing service providers just become glorified delivery drivers, dropping boxes at the back door and walking away, not taking the time to ask and identify issues where the service is lacking. There is a serious lack of manpower from the relevant government departments in terms of visiting sites and insuring the best practices are being met. We are not here to judge our clients or perspective customers, but we would like to think that our customers and clients see the value in being honest and calling it out for what it is. Just a general need to have rather than want to have when it comes to all things hygiene.

What we believe needs to happen is a re focusing on the core elements of what a hygiene company does and should offer its valued customers. Attention to detail, push through the fear of highlighting an issue just because it will ultimately cost money to fix. Specially if it is impacting a clints brand and good name in the front of house. An eye for detail and a general feeling of tlc is also needed. This can be as simple as a walk through the washrooms and identifying any issues with paper systems, hand hygiene or air purification.

A hygiene audit can also assist in not only reducing costs when it comes to everyday use of chemicals for your back kitchen or food and beverage or housekeeping department, it can also get better value out of the existing system without making a raft of changes. It can also identify a need for urgent training for a new team of staff from both a health and safety standpoint to a general best practices standpoint. Insuring that your business gets the care and attention it so badly needs and deserves.

Top Tip

At Ward Hygiene, we offer a free no obligation hygiene audit for your business. We visit your business , meet with your general manager or owner, walk through your business and do a deep dive into what is working and what is not, what is helping and what is not. We also take a look into your everyday consumables, packaging, paper systems, etc and send you back a report and quotation alongside a how and when we could potentially help you. Don’t settle for less from your supplier, get in touch today, you wont regret it.