Starting a new Business in Ireland a Guide to Hygiene Supplies

Starting a new Business in Ireland a Guide to Hygiene Supplies

My company has acquired a new premises, we need new toilet paper and soap dispensers, how do we resolve this?

Lets take a look at a common problem when moving into a new premises, the fit out and installation of toilet paper and hand soap dispensers for your washrooms.

So the big day has come, you have moved into a new premises and are expanding as a business or have had a new purpose built building fitted out to your companies needs. How does a office manager, or business owner go about finding a reputable supplier that can give the best advice for my company? This process generally starts with a searching for or using a incumbent supplier to gain access to what you need. But before that there are some important things to consider. Do I need a specialist company that has a range of the types of styles and finishes I want for my new building. Has this already been agreed in the planning or am I depending that the company I contact has what we actually need or are they a stationery company that happen to supply paper and soap dispensers. The problem with the latter is, the dispensers arrived boxed in your premises and you now have to find a handyman or bathroom fitting company to fit and install these units in a safe and accurate way. Insuring that none of our beautiful new tiles for example are broken. Also to insure that the dispensers etc are fitted accurately and when you need it done. These small details can be often overlocked and rushed in the final stages of a building fit out.

The Planning stage

Lets start at the planning stage, you have decided we need modular white plastic dispensers and would like to use a Eco Label toilet roll, or you have stumbled across a stunning brushed stainless steel design and would like to have those installed. The important thing to remember in this process is that the choice of paper, the quality of paper and efficacy of the paper type is key in deciding what style is available to you. If you choose a dispenser system before looking at the paper option you might find yourself stuck with a very expensive paper refill system or a cumbersome paper delivery system that seems to waste more toilet paper because the sheets fall on the ground or clump together when dispensing takes place. So to hammer the point home, please make sure that you get samples of paper and see the dispensers working on site. Any company supplying a quality range of hygiene and washroom supplies will be more than happy to do this as it will insure the client is happy and guarantee a long happy working relationship.

The installation process

You have no decided on the paper size, feel and look, you have also decided on the type of system that will deliver the standard for your washrooms, what’s next? At Ward Hygiene we send our clients a installation form. This gives us the locations and agreement to proceed with your fit out booking. Where a time and date can be agreed that causes minimal disturbance to your business. We then arrive on site, meet again with you and proceed. We also carry out training for your cleaning staff or responsible persons on site to insure that they know how to load in the papers and soap refills.

Our service guarantee

Ward Hygiene offer a amazing service to our clients, we are here for you, we have your back. Its very much at the heart of what we do. SO to that end we offer a 24 month service contract on our German made Wepa Paper and soap dispensers systems. This range is a high end German manufactured system that offers our clients the types of papers and soap they need, whilst also saving in excess of 50% end use cost of the more popular brands of Ille or Tork. Wepa Paper is a a Eco Label product using no heavy wet cheap fibres. Eco Label is a EU standard and complies to the highest sustainability standards in the industry.

What we offer at Ward Hygiene

So how does it work, well very simple. We access your needs, supply each and every dispenser including a replacement service for €5.00 per dispenser, that covers, Z fold paper, Autocut hand towel, Jumbo toilet roll, hand soap and foaming hand soaps, it also includes installation at your premises. You just pay the €5.00 per dispenser and the paper costs throughout the contract,(24 months).