Selecting The Perfect Commercial Floor Cleaner Chemical And Application Process

Selecting The Perfect Commercial Floor Cleaner Chemical And Application Process

How to Select And Apply Commercial Floor Cleaning Products?

How to Choose

The first concern for businesses while sourcing a commercial floor cleaner is often cost, and while this is a valid factor in choosing the best chemical for your needs, it is not always the most important one. Here we will discuss some of the factors that will determine what will work best for your business.

The first thing to consider is the hygiene requirements of your business. The chemical used to clean your floors must ensure that your business adheres to any hygiene requirements within your chosen industry. For example food preparation areas, school environments or veterinary practices all have specific regulations they must meet. You also need to check what effect some chemicals may have on your flooring materials, as some harsh chemicals may be corrosive on certain floor types. Always check with your supplier for the latest information on chemicals.

Cleaning Methods

Do you clean manually, with a mop and bucket system, or do you have an industrial floor cleaner covering a large space?


  • If this is your chosen option, will need to source a chemical that is safe for cleaning staff to handle.
  • The chemical should be easy to dilute with water, and simple to use.
  • You must ensure that the floor cleaner carries the correct agents to provide the necessary hygiene levels required for your business.
  • You may require a spot cleaner (spray bottles are popular) for smaller cleaning jobs between deep cleans for spillages etc.
  • You may consider implementing a dosing system  to ensure the correct concentration of chemical is used.
  • You should consider buying in bulk to get good value for your business.

Floor Cleaning Machine

  • An industrial floor cleaner is obviously more efficient for larger areas, but will restrict the chemicals you can use, as certain machines will be optimized to use with particular chemicals and products.
  • As the chemicals are not handled as closely once filled into your machine, you may be able to use more stringent products.
  • Cleaning with a machine can only take place outside the working hours of your business, so you will also need to maintain a supply of manual cleaning agents available for any accidents during the day.
  • Using a machine makes it easy to regulate how much and how often cleaning detergents are used on your floors.
  • Training will be required for staff to use a machine and administer chemicals.

Ask an Expert!

At Ward Hygiene we can carry out a hygiene audit for your business, and advise you what chemical floor cleaners and what cleaning methods will work best for you.