See how your small business can save money by putting in place effective and efficient hygiene solutions.

The importance of commercial hygiene management has never been greater, customer attitudes towards hygiene and safety have changed significantly during COVID-19. That is why our range of specialist hygiene products will ensure that your staff and customers stay safe.

We have an expert team of product specialists available to advise you on which products and services will best suit your needs. Simply contact us for a friendly chat, we’re ready to answer all your questions, so that you get a better understanding of our innovative products and service before you place an order.

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In order for your business to run smoothly, you need to maintain good hygiene throughout the entire workplace. As a company with many years of experience, we provide our enterprise customers with the tools to build more hygienic working environments.

Our extensive range of products can improve hygiene standards in a number of problematic areas, such as reception areas, factory and production floors, washrooms, kitchens, toilets, offices and dining rooms.

To understand your requirements, our specially trained consultants will carry out a full hygiene survey of your premises. We can also help with hygiene education and identify areas where expenses may be reduced.


Public Sector

We will help the public sector maintain a safe and hygienic working environment while reducing costs.

All councils and public bodies are facing tight budgets and a growing number of requests for services. We understand that you are under enormous pressure. Ward Hygiene can assist you in providing a safe, hygienic workplace while saving you money and time.

As a leading provider of washroom hygiene products and complete workplace consumables for councils and public sectors, we are uniquely qualified to assist you in maintaining this important balance.

You will be assured of using the best hygiene and cleaning products, chemicals, and equipment for your premises, allowing you to remain in control of your administrative costs and time.

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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Disinfection Systems

Disinfection For Life Sciences Manufacturing Facilities And Healthcare Settings With Clearklens And Oxivir

At Ward Hygiene we deliver a range of disinfectant products suitable for the most challenging of hygiene processes and environments. The Clearklens range coupled with Oxivir sporicidal products ensure the very highest of hygiene standards are met. We provide a site survey free of charge followed by a hygiene proposal. Whether your dealing with risk infection or disease control we have you covered. The main areas we specialise in are, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Dentistry, Veterinary, Medicare.

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