Matic 2 Ply Toilet Tissue, 96cm x 10cm, (36 Pack)

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These “matic” toilet rolls are designed to fit the matic style dispensers. These dispensers hold 2 of the toilet rolls one above the other. When the first toilet roll is used fully the core just drops away and allows the 2nd roll to drop into place.

Pack Size: 1 x 36 Rolls

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Hand towel roll matic blue 2-ply Material.

Maxmatic Compact Toilet Rolls: Made from a blend of recycled material and material from a sustainable source.
• 2 ply
• Perforated
• Sheet Size: 96cm x 10cm
• Box of 36 rolls
It provides a continuous washroom system taking two rolls dispensed through this unique system.
• Sold singly

 Controlled dispensing break down and dissolve quickly and efficiently in water, under normal usage conditions.