Jumbo Toilet Roll 1 Ply, (6 Pack)

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Ensure your washrooms are fully stocked up with this pack of 6 x 1-ply jumbo toiler rolls. As they’re made from 1-ply paper, these large toilet rolls boast good strength, softness and absorbency.

This means customers will use less paper per visit, offering cost effective use. The generous 600m x 9.5cm length means these rolls will also last longer and reduce how often you need to restock your toilets – giving staff more time to complete other duties before and after service.

Roll size: 300 meter x 9.5cm,

Pack Size: 1 x 6 Rolls

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Made from renewable, recycled paper, the toilet rolls are kinder to Earth’s natural resources too. This makes switching to them a great way for you to reduce your environmental impact and takes steps towards a greener industry.

Large size is pilfer proof, hard to conceal. Can’t use at home. Reduced stub roll means less waste. Fewer cores and no wrappers leads to source reduction. Less storage space is needed. Perforated. Rapid break-up capability is ideal for all plumbing systems.