Dispenser Napkins (6000 Napkins), 24×15 cm

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Dramatically reduce napkin usage and waste with this Just 1 ply interfold dispenser napkin! Create a cleaner environment for your guests with this Just1 interfold white dispenser napkin. This napkin is designed specifically for one-at-a-time dispensing, ensuring that patrons use fewer napkins and touch only the napkin that they use. Plus, the 2-ply design ensures durability to help reduce overuse. Compatible with tall fold dispensers (sold separately), this napkin is great to keep close at hand for guests.

Pack Size: 1 x 6000 sheets

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Help your guests stay tidy with napkins in easy-to-use dispensers. These sturdy and high-performance napkin dispensers are available in a variety of different colors and sizes for in-counter, on-counter, free-standing, tabletop, or Drive-Thru restaurants.