Plastic Ban Alternatives in Ireland

Plastic Ban Alternatives in Ireland

Lets take a look at recent legislation changes and how that affects business in 2022.

Plastic Ban Legislation changes

In July 2021 the use of single use plastics packaging became a thing of the past. The act was signed in Irish legislation by minister Eamon Ryan of the Green party.

Lets have a deeper look at the impact of these throw away items and how they impact the world around us. The ten most commonly used items represent approximately 70% of all marine litter found in the EU. A shocking statistic can be reduced with the help of legislation now being introduced across the EU and beyond.

The EU has set a goal to reduce the volumes and in turn impact the reduction of plastic products within our environment through its courageous directive 2019/904. This directive will target specific plastic products, specifically the commonly used single used plastics.

This directive gives member states the ability to introduce a range of measures to deal with the most common of these items.

Ireland has taken a solid stance on this matter and has banned the following SUP items from being sold within the Irish market.

What products are effected

  • Plates and Bowls
  • Cutlery
  • Straws
  • Chopsticks
  • Cotton bud’s
  • All oxo-degradable plastic products
  • Expanded polystyrene single use food and beverage packaging

These products must not be placed and sold within the Irish market form July 2021.

Changes in the roadmap ahead

Further Directives and obligations regarding the use of larger vessels ,(bottles, Cartons) up to 3 liter’s in size will also be removed and banned from the Irish market from 3rd July 2024, unless its closure is secured to the main body of the container. This ban also has an impact on beverage containers from 2025, unless it contains a minimum of 25% recycled plastic. Furthermore from January 2030 these containers must contain a minimum of 30% recycled plastics.

In January 2025 all producers of packaging will be required to cover the costs of litter clean up and this will an addition to their extended producer liability or EPR already in place.

Rising costs and supplier stagnation

It is no doubt that we are seeing unprecedented price increases in everyday consumables and with the current legislation changes this brings pressure for suppliers and businesses to supply more expensive disposable and packaging. The result of this is adding fuel to a raging fire that is called inflation.  So how can the Greenspirit range of packaging help me do what is right by the environment and help me to reduce costs? Like every area of your business needs you have options to buy from your current supplier, try source elsewhere or find a new more aligned supplier both from a end use cost perspective and service standpoint. In most cases the decisions here are left to chance, the buyer tends to stick whit what they know, its convenient, less hassle, less time consuming to look elsewhere.

How can Greenspirit recycled Packaging supplies help me?

Greenspirit offer a range of plastic free and compostable packaging that is aimed at delivering on quality, design and a competitive price point that will compete with the big brands in our market place. Greenspirit offers the following products in a eco recycled sustainable format.

  • Compostable coffee cups and sip lids
  • Paper straws
  • plates and bowls
  • Take away packaging
  • Glasses & accessories
  • Corrugated food packaging
  • knives and forks
  • Napkins
  • Kraft take away bags

Reach out today and let our specialist packaging team help your business.