Hygiene Supplier Near Me, Expectations Versus Reality

Hygiene Supplier Near Me, Expectations Versus Reality

This article is where we take a dive into a typical scenario of a near me supplier found in Google search, or a incumbent supplier lacking in a real service offering.

Our research and experience

What does this look like and what that can bring in terms of service, and what to look out for with a professional hygiene company as apposed to a company who supply everything from fruit and veg to dishwasher detergent.

In our research we see that Google is a super competitive place when searching for items and products. Quite often when we search for a supplier of a product near me, we soon realise that the supplier actually maybe in the UK and not based around the corner as advertised. So what does this mean and what impact does this typical scenario have on my business.

The stale incumbent supplier

Many of our customers are reaching out to us and moving away from the food services companies who supply a one stop shop for all their needs. We see meat and veg companies supplying dish washer detergent, cleaning products etc and quite frankly when we see this type of service in place it makes our life very easy. The customer is stuck in a service of convenience. We have seen head chefs ordering all their catering hygiene supplies from their veg prep supplier, meaning they are getting a box of chemicals dropped at the back door, no training given, no MSDS safety data sheets, no wall charts and no COSHH training for the staff. The equipment if any is hanging off the wall and a general lack of TLC is missing. Things have become all too familiar, all to stale and stagnant.

Why sacking a hygiene supplier is important for a business

We have all heard of the term first impressions last. Well in a typical restaurant for example, do you really get a chance to impress a customer twice if the service, food, or the general hygiene is bad? Will a customer go out of their way to let you know your plates aren’t clean or the glasses or delph ware isn’t up to scratch. One thing is for sure that the majority of clients who have a problem will simply vote with their feet. Sometimes a restaurant owner gets caught up in the doing of things, the balancing of the books, the pressure of figures to be bothered with whether the water in the premises is too hard, or the urinals need a chemical treatment, or the dishwasher has a fungus growing inside. The list goes on ad infinitum.

A hygiene solutions supplier should be just that, they need to be a businesses eyes and ears, they are being paid not to just drop boxes at your door and invoice you, they are being paid for their well rounded experience, their duty of care to you and your customers. Hygiene can be a need to have rather than a want to have solution for many business. Ignore these areas at your peril, the best business owners and managers see the pot washer and the head chef as equals, the head waitress and the veg prep person as one, a team. Engage with a hygiene company today that adds value to your team and don’t settle for anything else. Your business is our business.