How Surface Sanitizing Wipes Can Help Your Business

How Surface Sanitizing Wipes Can Help Your Business

Here we take a look into what the risks are, how we assess them, and what might be a best suited to the task.

What type of surface wipe is best for the job and will it harm my surfaces?

Having lived, and worked through the Covid-19 pandemic since early 2020, we are all now more conscious than ever of the need for hygiene in the workplace. Whether in an office environment, or a retail or hospitality setting, both staff and patrons want to know they are being protected by good hygiene practices.

High Traffic-High Risk

Obviously, the higher the volume of people passing through your premises, the higher the risk of infection/contamination to all. Sanitizing wipes in the workplace can help reduce exposure to germs and viruses that could otherwise cause extreme problems. Providing a suitable sanitizing wipe in your premises will both address the need to sanitize surfaces for hygiene reasons, and allow employees and patrons to feel comfortable that they are not at any risk of infection.

Assessing Your Risk Level

The first step to getting the correct wipes for your situation is to asses the type of risk presented. For instance, an office environment presents quite a different requirement than a creche or coffee shop. Consider the levels of traffic, the types of surfaces needing to be sanitized, and the types of spores/infection you are trying to prevent. There is a wide variety of sanitizing wipes available for different needs, so it’s important to correctly assess the needs of your business to equip your team suitably..

Matching Your Needs

Once you have outlined your particular requirements, you can quickly narrow down the type of sanitizing wipes you will need.

You may wish to go for straight forward alcohol sanitizing wipes, such as Suma Alcohol Wipes. These wipes are no rinse alcohol based disinfectant. Perfect for disinfection of all food contact areas. Effective against a wide range of micro-organisms. EN testing pass on EN1276 in 15 seconds in clean conditions.

Alternatively, premises such as GP or dental surgery are better suited to using Diversey DI Oxivir Sporicidal Wipe W2383 These sanitising wipes provide an alternative to traditional disinfectants by delivering fast acting, broad spectrum disinfection with enhanced cleaning power that is staff and patient friendly while being gentle on most surfaces. The active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, breaks down into environmentally-friendly water and oxygen just minutes after use.

To provide the ultimate assurance, DI Oxivir Excel Wipes FLW Kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) in 1 minute. These are disinfectant  wipes provide hospital grade hygiene. Oxivir Excel Wipes are a One-Step Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner based on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP®) Technology to deliver fast, broad spectrum disinfection with enhanced cleaning power.

Be Confident in Your Purchase

There is a lot of choice on the market when it comes to sanitising surface wipes, and it can be a daunting task to choose the best option for you and your business. If you are unsure how best to assess your needs, you can book a consultation with a hygiene expert to help you make the best decision for your hygiene needs.