Gripster Skins: Textured Nitrile Disposable Gloves Review

Gripster Skins: Textured Nitrile Disposable Gloves Review

Gripster Nitrile Textured Gloves, Are They Really Best In Class For Workplace Hand Protection?

Gripster Nitrile disposable gloves are designed for comfort and control. They come in 2 colours and have a textured palm are of the glove. They range in sizes from small to xtra,xtra large. These gloves are made from Nitrile material and are robust and tear proof. They also have an ability for longer wear use where they will not leave the hands sticky or smelly.

To answer our question! Are Gripster gloves best in class?

The short answer is yes, when looking for a durable glove that offers dexterity, comfort and control.

 Key Benefits of Gripster gloves

  • Unique Patented Fish Scale Grip
  • Powder Free, Nitrile Gloves
  • Extra Thickness, Extra Tough And Durable
  • Maximum Dexterity L5 & Touchscreen Friendly
  • Chemical Resistant Hand Protection
  • Contains 50 Pieces Per Box

Patented Double Sided Grip improves grip on the outer surface with the product being handled and on the inner surface with your hand. Grip is improved by the unique fish scale design.

Gripster are suitable for mechanics, factory workers, engineers etc. For professionals who need hand protection all day long and improved grip when things get oily or dirty in the workplace.

In our testing we found that after long periods of use the gloves remained fresh from odour. We also found that when dealing with bicycle repairs for example the gloves really shinned, they offer a accurate feel when dealing with even the smallest of task. Just like the name description Skins, it really does feel like an extra layer of skin. Therefore you loose none of the ability to deal with the smallest of screws, hex bolts or even for repairing glasses. Where dexterity and hand protection is key, Gripster really shine over and above its competition.