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Picture of Hygiene Roll 2 ply white 20" (recycled) - 40m x 50cm, Case of 9

Hygiene Roll 2 ply white 20" (recycled) - 40m x 50cm, Case of 9

VALUE COUCH ROLLS 20 " Economy Couch Rolls Our eco friendly ECONOMY embossed couch rolls are manufactured from high quality paper and this 2 ply roll is 50.8cm ( 20 inches ) wide to fit any standard couch . The rolls are perforated at 40 cm intervals. Close perforations mean less annoying raggedy edges, while the finish is soft, absorbent and comfortable for patients and clients. PAPER TYPE : - Superior 20 inch couch rolls made from 17.5 gsm pure white " virgin tissue " . Crisp white with easy tear perforations. 2 Ply x 17.5 gsm = 35 gsm total USED FOR AND BY :- Individually wrapped for hygiene, this couch roll is perfect for use in health and beauty environments. Ideal for covering medical and beauty couches etc… Essential everyday product for doctors , beauticians , chiropodists & tanning salons etc.
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