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About us

Ward Hygiene is a family business based in south west Dublin. We pride ourselves in offering the very best in hygiene and hospitality services. We pride ourselves on 3 very important core ideals: Quality, Service, Cost. We understand that cost is so important to any business or homwowner. This is why we fight hard to be competitive and work diligently to secure the very best the market has to offer at the best rate. We want to deliver goods and services that when asked give our customers confidence in referring us to a friend or work collegue.

Our core services are:

  • Infection control
  • Laundry services
  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Washroom services
  • Reusable & consumables

We focus very tightly on what we do well, whether that be a commercial laundry, commercial kitchen or simply supplying a single use product to an end customer.

Let us show you how much we care in day one, let us also show you how much we care in day 365

Look forward to working with you soon,

Darren Ward