Diversey Suma D9.6 Oven & Grill Cleaner, Quick User Quide

Diversey Suma D9.6 Oven & Grill Cleaner, Quick User Quide

Here we take a look into one of the best selling oven cleaners in the Diversey Suma range.

Suma D9.6 oven & grill cleaner what is it used for?

Suma D9.6 is a quality thickened ready-to-use grill and oven cleaner. Highly alkaline detergent suitable for cleaning of heavily soiled ovens and grills. The Suma range of oven cleaner are specific in their application and uses. The products come in several different pack and bottle sizes. The choice that customers need to make is how after buying a 2 litre of product do we apply it to the surface.

The pack sizes available are a 750ml ready to use and a 2ltr which can be applied with a separately supplied applicator spray system. This product is corrosive and should always be applied in well ventilated areas whilst wearing the correct PPE, including heavy duty gloves, eye goggles and a protective clothing. If a co worker comes in contact with any corrosive product always consult the label on the product, a supplied MSDS safety data sheet and take immediate action.

Suma D9.6 Oven & Grill in use applications at a glance

  • Easily cuts through baked-on grease and carbon in ovens, grills and deep fryers
  • This blend of alkali and surfactants removes a wide range of soils and clings to vertical surfaces
  • Thick gel maximizes contact time
  • Fast acting and ready to us

This product is designed for commercial applications and training should always be offered to new employees before using this type of product. The Suma oven cleaner is designed to make light work of stubborn caustic and baked in dirt and grime. In the Suma Oven cleaner range there are several alternatives for different oven classification and specifications. Always consult your Ward Hygiene representative.

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