Diversey Suma Bac Conc D10 Quick Guide

Diversey Suma Bac Conc D10 Quick Guide

Lets take a look at the benefits of Suma Bac D10 from Diversey. Suma Bac D10 provides a one-step kitchen surface cleaner and disinfection system.

With Suma Bac detergent disinfectant, microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast and viruses are removed just as effectively as grease and dried on soil, providing quick and easy compliance for your business.

Suma Bac Conc D10 is a highly concentrated detergent disinfectant used for cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in food preparation areas. The compound is effective in all water conditions, and the formulation contains surfactants to provide excellent cleaning power.


  • Reduces waste, needs less storage capacity and gives excellent economy in use due to highly concentrated formulation
  • Suma Bac conc D10 conc can be used to clean as you go when used as directed
  • Cuts through grease and dried-on food soiling
  • Effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms, helping to improve hygiene security

Suma Bac in use

Suma Bac Conc D10 is available in flexible 1.5 Litre plastic pouches designed to fit into the Diversey Divermite dispenser. For the removal of gross debris, spray D10 solution (10 ml/750 ml) and wipe. Respray D10, wipe and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse and air dry.

Disinfect food surfaces regularly and always at the end of each working  day. A made up spray bottle of product will be active for up to seven days. Rinse and dry bottle before refilling.

  • Cleaning and disinfection of kitchen surfaces in one step
  • Quick and easy compliance of food preparation areas
  • Removes microorganisms as effectively as grease and dried-on soil

Lets take a look at pack sizes and dilution options

The Suma Bac D10 range comes in the following pack sizes. A 6x 2ltr concentrate,  5ltr ready to use, 1.4 litre Smartdose super concentrate system, 1.5 litre super concentrate suitable for the Divermite and Quattro Select dosing systems. Both the Smartdose and Divermite/ Quattro select are available with 500ml refill trigger spray bottles, whilst the Divermite system is sold with 750ml trigger spray refill bottles. Suma Bac D10 is also available in a 10 litre safe pack. You can dilute the products on site to reduce end use cost per spray bottle.

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