Diversey Cleaning Products, A Quick Guide

Diversey Cleaning Products, A Quick Guide

Here we take a look at how Ward hygiene can help you decide, what Diversey product is right for my business?

Initial Consultation With A Diversey Product Specialist

When considering ordering your hygiene supplies for your business this can be an overwhelming process. The market is full of potential suppliers and no doubt the product listing in the market is absolutely huge. The simplest way to look at this is, as a café or hotel owner you wouldn’t walk onto a building site and start laying blocks without proper training and experience. So what would you be expected to know which floor cleaner is correct for my type of wooden floor, which surface cleaner is best for my laminate table tops, and which is best for the environment. We at Ward Hygiene we offer a free hygiene audit and site survey. During this visit we listen to our clients and work with them towards their goals. This is an open conversation and walkthrough on-site to assess just what is needed from a product and dilution system standpoint. We then present a proposal back to our clients and layout a timeframe for installation and training on this range of products. Both of which are supplied free from our company.

Lets take a quick look into the range of products on offer from Diversey

With over 2000 products and machinery equipment supplied by the Diversey catalogue we have your business covered, but lets look at a couple of examples of where we would start with business placed in the hospitality sector. With hotels we have a front of house and housekeeping demand for product and equipment. The demands for a eco range for the business maybe very important to our client and we try establish this very early in the conversation. For front of house or the food and beverage section we might suggest the Sure Eco Range from Diversey products, for the housekeeping section we would offer a more scented range of eco products called Eco Pur. Both product ranges offer a system and dilution package to suit any size of business from the Café next door to the largest multiple site hotel groups throughout Ireland.

What other products or services can I expect from the Diversey range?

Diversey Group are a global company with a catalogue of products and service to support every sector, from cafes and restaurants to educational and government tenders. The range is vast but very tailored to your specific needs. The Taski range of floor cleaning and maintaining equipment is state of the art, whilst the Quattro select dilution system can offer up a chemical cleaning products to suit and type of task from hard surfaces to healthcare bedding equipment cleaning and sanitizing. Divermite is another system for mid tear volume and Smartdose is a dilution system ideal for lower volume clients. There are also a wide range of floor cleaning tools and equipment. Speak with us today to find out how we can make take care of your business. The Diversey range assists with the following areas of business.

  • Room care
  • Building care
  • Floor care
  • Personal care
  • Café, bar & restaurants
  • Infection control
  • Laundry care
  • Industrial

Get in touch today and let one of our specialists help you decide what is a good fit for your business.