Cleaning products For Washrooms

Cleaning products For Washrooms

A clean washroom is essential for any business. Washrooms can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microbes, which can affect the health of customers and employees alike. It’s important to invest in regular cleaning services to keep your washrooms clean and sanitary. We offer professional, cost-effective Washroom Services that include everything you need to maintain a high level of hygiene in your business or workplace!

Urinal Screen Mat

Keeping a washroom clean is an important part of keeping your business healthy and safe. Urinal matting helps keep the urinals from getting dirty or smelly, which can help prevent bathroom-related illnesses like diarrhea. Urinal screen mats are made out of durable PVC that prevents urine from saturating into floors and walls creating foul odours in restrooms. They also contain antimicrobial properties to fight bacteria on the surface so you don’t have to constantly worry about disinfecting surfaces after each use!

Urinal screens will not move around thanks to their raised edges, allowing for easy access when washing hands at sinks next to them. And they’re very easy to install due to their adhesive backing, making them perfect for almost any location – including offices, schools, and public spaces. Urinal screens are easy to clean with a sponge or mop.


  1. Urinal Screen Mat is a new product that can make any restroom smell fresher
  2. The mat has a built-in odour filter to block bad smells from escaping the urinal
  3. It also features an anti-slip surface for added safety and convenience
  4. This product will save you time, money, and effort because it’s easy to install
  5. Urinal Screen Mat is available in four different colours – black, blue, green, or red.


1. Durable and easy to clean

2. Unique design matches any bathroom decor

3. Traps odours and bacteria

4. Reduces the need for chemical cleaners or expensive air fresheners

5. Made with a durable, eco-friendly material that is recyclable at end of life cycle

6. Easy installation without tools required – just peel off adhesive backing and placemat in front of urinal screen (or inside toilet bowl)


1. Urinal Screen Mats are hard to clean

2. They’re not aesthetically pleasing

3. The mat can’t be cut down to size, so it doesn’t fit every urinal

4. There’s nothing that protects the floor from urine and water spills

Urinal Scented Screens

Most people are familiar with the smell of a public restroom. What is not so well known, however, is that this scent can be eliminated by using Urinal scented screens. These products trap odours and bacteria to provide a pleasant fragrance for everyone in the room while at the same time reducing chemical cleaners or expensive air fresheners that would typically be used to mask these smells if they were left unchecked.

What’s more, Urinal screen mats come in four different colours – black, blue, green or red- which means it will match any bathroom decor without being an eyesore like unsightly urinals might otherwise become over time as they develop stains from use. The mat also has an anti-slip surface for added safety and comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.


1. Urinal screens are a great way to make your bathroom smell good

2. There are many different scents available, including vanilla, lavender, and citrus

3. Urinal screens come in small containers that can be easily transported from one location to the next

4. They can also be used as room fresheners for other areas of the house where smells might accumulate over time

5. Urinal screens come in both powder form or liquid spray bottles with an easy-to-use trigger nozzle

6. The scent will last up to 3 months before needing replacement or refreshing.


1. Keeps the urinal smelling fresh

2. Protects you from bad smells and wet floors

3. Helps prevent “splashback” to keep your clothes dry

4. Prevents unwanted bacteria growth in the urinal

5. Screens are made of a strong, durable material that will not tear or rip easily

6. Preventing accidents by helping people aim better at the urinal!


1. Urinal Scented Screens are expensive

2. They’re not a long-term solution for odour control

3. The scent is too strong and can be overpowering

4. There’s no guarantee that the scent will last more than a day or two.

Washroom Deodorizer

If you have a commercial Washroom, then it is important to keep the Washrooms smelling fresh. The Urinal Deodorizer will leave your Washroom with an aromatic scent that lasts up to three months before needing replacement or refreshing! A must-have for any Washroom in your home!

All of our deodorizers are made from natural ingredients and work great at freshening up any room instantly. You can also use them as room fresheners for other areas of the house where smells might accumulate over time like kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and more. This way they’re always there when you need them most – ready to make bad odours disappear completely!  The only problem we’ve found is that sometimes we use them too much – and they’re constantly in our Washroom!


1. Deodorizers eliminate unpleasant odours

2. The most common types of deodorizer are air fresheners and room sprays

3. There are a variety of scents to choose from, such as vanilla, lavender, and lemon

4. Air fresheners can be sprayed in the bathroom or other areas where there is an odour problem

5. Room sprays can be used in bathrooms to create a pleasant scent while showering

6. Deodorizers should be replaced every six months for best results.


1. Reduces unpleasant bathroom odours

2. Eliminates bacteria and fungi that cause bad smells

3. Helps keep your toilet clean

4. Convenient to use – just sprinkle in the bowl before you go!

5. Safe for septic systems and plumbing fixtures

6. No dangerous chemicals, so it’s safe for children and pets


1. Most deodorizers are expensive and have a strong chemical smell

2. They can be harmful to pets, especially cats who like to lick themselves

Mesh Urinal Screens

Mesh urinal screens are an excellent way to get rid of the unpleasant smells from a public washroom. After installing this type of screen, no odours will emanate from your toilet and you can flush without worrying about someone peeing on it. It is also easier to clean because urine does not accumulate in the drainpipe or seep through the floor as with conventional toilets. Mesh urinal screens are sold at low prices and they come in different shapes and sizes so you can find one that matches your needs perfectly. You should install them right away if you want freshness for years!

Here’s how mesh screens work: urine goes down into the tray, passes through a grid pattern that acts as a sieve, and falls into the drain. The urine is unable to run back up because of the grid pattern and so it can’t get onto your shoes, trousers, or toilet paper.


1. Mesh urinal screens are a great way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh

2. They also prevent people from throwing things into the urinal, which is beneficial for both you and them

3. You can get mesh screens in any colour that matches your decor

4. The best part about these screens is they only cost around $10-$15!

5. There’s no need to worry about replacing those expensive toilet seats anymore – just use a mesh screen instead

6. These screens are easy to install and will last you years if taken care of properly!


1. The screens protect the urinal from splashback, which can lead to water damage

2. They are easy to install and remove for cleaning

3. They’re inexpensive and come in a variety of colours

4. Customize your screen with your own logo or message

5. Urinal screens have been shown to reduce odours as well as bacteria by up to 99%!

6. Our mesh urinal screen is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional metal ones that corrode and rust easily.


1. Mesh screens are not as effective at stopping urine spray

2. The mesh is difficult to clean and can trap bacteria, which may lead to infection

3. Mesh screens are a breeding ground for mold

4. Screens create an unpleasant experience because of their visibility

Toilet Bowl Freshener

If your washroom’s urinal smells funky, you can freshen it up with a toilet bowl freshener. It will kill the stinky smell and cover any other odours as well. Spray onto the inside of the bowl or outside perimeter if you want an extra fresh scent in your restroom. You may also choose from our variety of fragrances including citrus zest, lavender vanilla, cinnamon apple spice, and more! These are perfect for bathrooms that have recently been renovated but still need some refreshing touches!

For best results, we recommenced reapplying after every use because sometimes they’re not effective enough when sprayed just once or twice. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this simple change makes such a big difference.

It’s also important to keep an eye on the product, as it will eventually wear off and won’t work until you replace it with another one!


1. A toilet bowl freshener is a device that can be installed on the inside of your toilet tank

2. The device sprays water into the bowl to help mask unpleasant odours and leave behind a pleasant fragrance

3. There are many different types of toilet bowl fresheners, including air-powered, battery-operated, electric-powered or solar-powered devices

4. Installing one will make your bathroom feel cleaner and more inviting for guests

5. Toilet bowl fresheners are an affordable way to improve the look and smell of any bathroom in your home!

6. Some people also use them as part of their green cleaning routine by recycling old dish soap bottles as storage containers for cleaners.


1. Freshens up your bathroom

2. Eliminates odours and leaves a pleasant scent

3. Leaves no residue on the toilet bowl or in the air

4. Has a refreshing floral fragrance that is long-lasting

5. One of many benefits of using this product is it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals which can cause irritation to sensitive skin, eyes, nose or throat

6. It’s safe for use by people with asthma and allergies because it’s not toxic like other products are when used around them.


1. The smell is too strong or smells bad

2. It’s hard to get the product out of the bottle

3. The smell doesn’t last long enough

Washroom Air Freshener

Washroom air freshener is a product that’s designed to clean and refresh bathrooms. This helps keep the stink at bay, which can be difficult if you don’t use it regularly! Washrooms are often places where people congregate for long periods of time – sometimes with limited ventilation – so they need some extra TLC! Washroom air fresheners will help mask any odours from urine or other bodily fluids. They’re also great for cleaning up any messes too!

Washroom air freshens come in a variety of fragrances including citrus zest, lavender vanilla, cinnamon apple spice among others; perfect after renovating your bathroom but still needing some freshness touches. For best results we recommenced reapplying every day or so, but if you’re a busy person and can’t make that happen then try to do it at least once a week. Washroom air freshener is an affordable way to keep your washroom fresh!


1. Air fresheners are used to remove bad odours from the washroom

2. There are many different types of air fresheners and they can be bought in stores or online

3. Some brands that sell air freshener include Febreze, Lysol, and Glade

4. Air fresheners come in a variety of scents including lavender, lemon, pine-fresh, and ocean mist

5. The cost of an average air fresher is $6-$8 for a 10 oz bottle and $9-$12 for a 24 oz bottle

6. Most companies recommend using one squirt per day to keep the toilet smelling fresh all day long.


1. Keeps your washroom smelling fresh

2. Eliminates bad odours

3. Doesn’t leave any sticky residue on surfaces when sprayed

4. Works well for both small and large spaces

5. Provides a refreshing scent that lasts for hours after spraying it in the air

6. Comes in many different scents, including lavender, peppermint, citrus, and more!


1. Air fresheners can be expensive

2. Air fresheners are often scented with artificial fragrances that may irritate sensitive skin or allergies

3. Air fresheners do not remove odours, they just cover them up

4. Air freshens can emit toxic chemicals into the air


Hopefully, you found this blog post informative and useful. If you’re looking for more information on something that we didn’t cover, please just let us know! We have a wide range of products to help make your washrooms smell better or at least not as bad! Each product in our line has been extensively researched so that it will work well with the other items in your office. The goal is to create an effective yet pleasant fragrance experience where people enjoy spending time instead of dreading it. Which one of these are you using?

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment can be challenging for any business. At Ward Hygiene, we understand how important this is to the wellbeing of your customers and employees alike, which is why we offer professional washroom cleaning services that are specifically tailored to suit your needs!