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(0) Best commercial Bio-degradable laundry detergent in Ireland!

              Best commercial Bio-degradable laundry detergent in Ireland!

When searching for the best commercial Bio-degradable laundry detergent in Ireland it is best to know just what makes a laundry detergent Bio or Non-Bio.

It is also best to try and understand what makes a commercial laun...

(0) The Best Tips for the Perfect Commercial Laundry Business and the Set up of Onsite Cleaning Supplies.

Commercial Laundry Business

To first answer the question in relation to the best laundry and cleaning supplies, we must first understand the business setting from within these cleaning products will be used. The first point is we need to understand our customers business, are they a nursing home or healthcare setting...

Five Facts About Hand Sanitizer Gel You Might Not Know!
(0) Five Facts About Hand Sanitizer Gel You Might Not Know!
Hand sanitizer Gelis everywhere right now! Right? Well lets take a look back into the history of the product and recent applications and formulations that make hand sanitizer gel such a commonly used product and a controversial one at that.
Why Choose Sanidose Free Standing Hand Dispenser Systems?
(0) Why Choose Sanidose Free Standing Hand Dispenser Systems?

At we have a unique, sleek, professional and state of the art free standing automatic hand dispensing solution to suit any level of traffic or business setting. Designed by Brightwell Dispensers U.K they are built to last with state of the art materials and technology. Here is a ...

Ward Hygiene Our Journey
(0) Ward Hygiene Our Journey

Let’s start back in March 2020. The world is waking up to the reality of Covid 19. In the news everyday a wildfire of fear spreads across the globe just like the bacteria in it’s fittest form. We are skeptical and continue to try do our daily jobs, mine a sales & marketing manager for a food industr...

The End of Alcohol Sanitisers
(0) The End of Alcohol Sanitisers

This is not news to those in the know, but many people are just now becoming aware of the limitations and indeed, dangers of using alcohol based sanitizing products. Public awareness is growing at the minute, due to the Irish government directing schools to stop using certain products containing met...

(0) Understanding The Correct Application of Chemical Based Disinfectants

Chemical Based Disinfectants

Dealing with bacteria in any environment is a tricky business. Dealing with it in schools and workplaces homes etc., is an even trickier matter. Commonly we see individuals in retail settings and shopping centers applying a bottle of a blue liquid, a cannister of a clear liquid for example onto a su...

(0) What to Look Out for When Purchasing a Commercial Dishwasher Dosing System.

commercial dishwasher dosing system

What to look out for when buying a dishwash dosing system


Maintaining high hygiene and cleaning standards in commercial kitchens is paramount to obtain good food hygiene standards. With this in mind, buying the right equipment to maintain the standards is essential. As the number of p...

(0) Hypoallergenic Laundry Care

Hypoallergenic Laundry Care

Have you sufferd with skin irritation? Well speaking from xperience here is a few easy steps to skin bliss...natrually

Don’t you just love Spring? There’s something wonderful about seeing blue sky and sunshine after enduring a cold, dreary winter. As I sat at the kitchen table drinking my morning c...

(0) How to Start a Laundry Business: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

Laundry Business

Laundry is an essential part of life for most people. As long as clean clothes are in demand, a laundry business will be too. After all, not everyone has their own washer and dryer, or the time (or desire) to wash their clothes themselves. This makes starting a business in the laundry industry a gre...