Best Commercial Bio-Degradable Laundry Detergent in Ireland!

Best Commercial Bio-Degradable Laundry Detergent in Ireland!

When searching for the best commercial Bio-degradable laundry detergent in Ireland it is best to know just what makes a laundry detergent Bio or Non-Bio.

It is also best to try and understand what makes a commercial laundry detergent efficient and how can I spot the difference. When choosing a laundry supplier it is often price-driven and understandably so.

It’s all about the bottom line right? Well not necessarily so. We have found that cheaper isn’t always better, because 9 times out of 10 you will need double the amount of chemical to achieve the same result.

There is a real need for consultation and a clear understanding of a customer’s needs and desires relative to their niche within the industry.

There is also a need for expertise and due diligence when approaching the requirements of best practice, ones that quite often we see ignored on the basis of the stack it high, sell it cheap mentality that so many of our competitors find hard to resist.

We believe that with the very best in laboratory testing and in the field results, that our detergents can be delivered in a highly competitive manner without losing sight of what is important, the results.

Also quite often you will find more harsh chemicals and not so environmentally conscious ingredients added into the mix. This can quite often damage the fibers within fabrics, thereby significantly reducing the life cycle expectancy of that particular garment or item.

A wet washing range of detergents offers a very gentle and specific set of rules around washing fabrics that are delicate and vulnerable to the harshness of using some detergents and spot cleaning treatments.

What are the differences between Bio and Non-bio

What are the differences between Bio and Non-bio affect the environment and what impact does it have on my fabrics and clothes in everyday washing? What are the considerations for choosing the best commercial bio-degradable laundry detergent in Ireland?

Biological washing detergents and liquids contain enzymes. These help to break down fat, grease, and proteins to get clothes clean. … Non-bio doesn’t contain enzymes so is generally gentler, making it a better choice for sensitive skin. And, in our opinion, natural brands are even gentler as they don’t use harsh chemicals.

So when deciding what is best practice there are many things to consider? firstly what are the reasons for choosing a non-bio or bio detergent? Are you choosing a particular brand or type of product based on the environmental impact or a preference because of skin irritation or indeed a particular grease or fat that is stubborn or hard to remove at lower temperatures?

When looking at labelling companies have ways to hide the realities of chemicals and to fully appreciate and understand what we are using it is quite the task even for a experienced chemist.

Even then one companies list of non-harsh chemicals may not balance with the others. One company may consider a product harsh and the other not. So how do I fully understand or determine what is safe to use and what is good for the environment?

Well if a product has a Bio-degradable label it needs to meet certain criteria that allow it to break down over a specific timeframe and essentially leave no chemical residue or aftereffect on the environment that it essentially resides in after use.

The same set of criteria that plastics are tasked with when being tested. We all know the impact of plastics on our environments, we just have to look around us, in local waste plants, trees, parks, seas.

How do we know what impact our chemicals in everyday use have on our planet? Well, this is a much more challenging problem to measure. Just on that note, we can measure by testing our water pollution and locally to our homes it is very possible to have a local stream, ditch or river tested for what bacteria and pathogens are present also we can test for the presence of chemicals.

A very noble and important test to carry out when looking at just what damage or threat we may be causing to our water table and local environment by simply just living.

Commercial and household laundry settings

When looking at a laundry detergent for the home or for a commercial setting it is very important to know what type of water you have and how you can determine whether you have soft or hard water as that can have an impact on the ability of your detergent of choice to do its job correctly and efficiently.

Also, you will need to consider the build-up of limescale within your appliance and take appropriate action to prevent or remove this limescale before you have a bigger problem on your hands.

It is fair to say that not all households are the same! E.g. one housing estate may have 2 different water feeds and therefore 2 different sets of challenges when it comes to efficiently delivering great results on stubborn stains.

The first step to great results is to check water hardness, this can be done by your chemical supplier, especially if they are a reputable company with the correct level of expertise. They will determine how hard or soft the water is and make recommendations from there. Without this test, it is impossible to know how much to dose correctly to achieve professional results.

Let’s look at the science

So, what does it mean for something to be biodegradable? In layman’s terms, the definition is simple: If something is biodegradable, then, given the right conditions and presence of microorganisms, fungi, or bacteria, it will eventually break down to its basic components and blend back in with the earth. Ideally, but not always, these substances degrade without leaving any toxins behind.

The breakdown of chemicals whether we use them in a commercial or residential setting is the same, they both need to be treated and considered when deciding on whether they are right for me, for the job, and most importantly right for the environment.

The consideration for the environment is very important, and an example of this is the banning in certain states in the U.S.A of micro beads in facial wash products as it had a significantly damaging effect on local marine life.

The beads themselves were causing such a significant effect that local fish and wildlife were eating the beads causing a number of health issues for the wildlife. Not to mention that these beads take several decades to break down in the ecosystem. A prime example of a very basic problem caused by humans and hopefully changeable by humans.

Regulations regarding labeling and registering of chemicals

So the question is? How do I know from reading the back of the label on my laundry detergent if it is indeed Biodegradable or not? This is a considerable challenge as different countries have different rules when it comes to labelling.

In Ireland, the system is quite complex in terms of registering a product with the local department of the environment. You can find a reference here to the active list of registered biocidal chemicals. You can also find a list of companies that are registered with the biocidal registry here.

The importance of fully researching the above registry cannot be underestimated. Too often companies are bending the rules or trying to create their own when it comes to formulating these detergents.

A few minutes research can be very helpful in your own search for the truth when it comes to the very important factors regarding skin irritation, biocidal hazards, environmental impact, and just plain old good practice.

When dealing with fabrics and bacteria it is a fine balance of expertise and good industry knowledge and know-how. It is just not simply to buy the chemicals and detergents at the cheapest cost and get it done, there are many things to consider in this process.


When choosing the best commercial bio-degradable detergent in Ireland you need to consider the company behind the supply chain, also consider the manufacturing process and list of ingredients behind the product range.

You can then establish if they are the right fit for you both ethically and sustainability-wise. The results and fabrics are wide and varied but only after a full assessment of your business can a business like ours help. Without a full consultation and deep dive into what you are hoping to achieve can all of the pieces of the puzzle fit.

Stay strong and safe in 2021, a year when we were truly tested and maybe just maybe a year for us all to give back to our beautiful planet a little bit more than last year.

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