A guide to choosing paper hand towels for washrooms & kitchens

A guide to choosing paper hand towels for washrooms & kitchens

What is my go to options when choosing paper hand towels?

Paper Towels

Every business has a requirement for paper towels, whether it is for your customers to use or for you and your staff. The current global climate has drastically affected the paper market, so we’ve narrowed down some tips to help anyone trying to source a new supplier. Thankfully the process of choosing and buying your paper towels is a simple one!

What Type of Paper

There are basically two ways to dispense your paper towels, either by roll or by napkin. The type of dispenser that you have fitted in your bathrooms will dictate which type of paper you will need. If you are purchasing paper towels for your customers use, you may wish to consider the colour of the paper you provide, to tie in with the theme of your business. For instance, medical settings often like to provide paper towels in a green colour, as it lends itself to a medical environment.

Folded hand towels come  in “C-fold” or “Z-fold” designs, depending on the size, and are dispensed in single sheets from an easily refillable wall fitted dispenser. Statistics show that, on average, people tend to use less napkins than they do from a roll feed. This will help to reduce both costs to your business, and save you time.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Reduced use of paper
  • Less waste
  • Lower cost over time
  • Saves time with less refills required
  • Sustainable options
  • Multiple Colour options

Centrefeed Rolls

Centrefeed rolls are available in different sizes, you should check the capacity of your dispensers before ordering! Rolls can be purchased with perforated sheets, or as a continuous roll. There are different levels of quality available in a centrefeed roll, either 1ply or 2ply, which will differ in cost obviously.

  • Centrefeed paper rolls can offer a number of advantages such as:
  • High density rolls offer high volume of paper
  • Paper is multi-use, and can be used outside of a bathroom for other purposes
  • Budget options available
  • Easy to load dispensers
  • Widely available
  • Limited colour options

Top Tip!

Check before you order! Once you find the paper type that you are happy with, you can just repeat your order, as necessary, so make sure you are ordering the paper type that will suit the dispensers you have in situ. You need to know how the dispensers feed the paper, and what the capacity of each dispenser is. If you are unsure of what will work best for you, contact an expert at Ward Hygiene to guide you to the best solution for you.